When is bat maternity season?

When is bat maternity season?

Bat Maternity Season in West Palm Beach Florida

Because of their protected status, once the female bats are ready to give birth (they give birth just once a year), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission institutes a moratorium on disturbing them during this time. This is because bats are mammals. They give birth to live “pups” and the mothers breast-feed their babies. Very young bats are unable to fly, so if an exclusion takes place when they are present, the mothers would be unable to return to the pups and the pups, in turn, would perish since they cannot fly from the roost. This “Bat Maternity Season” extends from April 16th until August 15th.

Because bats are so long-lived and extremely territorial in nature, they will always try to return to their primary roost. However, if this is denied to them (as a result of an exclusion), they will typically simply infest the nearest suitable building. In order to prevent this scenario and in the case of customers with multiple on-site buildings, we will usually be asked to bat-proof currently un-infested buildings prior to the actual exclusion. Because we are not disturbing any colonies in these un-infested buildings, this type of work can proceed during the maternity season. Once the season is over, we can re-commence exclusion work from infested buildings.

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